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We are foster parents living in Virginia and we want to help connect other foster parents to resources, information, and stories.

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How to Become a Foster Parent

This is how you prepare to be a foster parent. There's a lot of stuff.

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Care Strategies

How to Handle Lying

Lying is a tough behavior to deal with as a caretaker and can make difficult situations worse. When we get lied to we can take it personally and use it as an excuse to make the issue bigger and deal…

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Self Care

When it’s Time to Say Goodbye

We recently said goodbye to two kiddos that lived in our home for nearly a year. While we were thrilled they were able to go with a family member, the transition was quick and somewhat unexpected. Nearly overnight, we went…

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Navigating Phone Calls

With mobile devices being more common with school-aged children, many kids come into care with a phone or device they can use for phone calls and video chats. If...

You've Been Approved! Now What?

You made it! After months of training, hours of home studies, and dozens of pages of paperwork, you just found out you’ve been approved as foster parents! Now what?...