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Whether you’re thinking of becoming a foster parent or you’re already a few years into your journey, these books are an incredibly helpful resource. From discipline strategies to adoption expectations, these books are a must-read for foster parents.

The Connected Child

connected child book

This book was recommended over and over again and I know why! Dr. Kayrn Purvis is an expert in child psychology, particularly on children that have gone through trauma in their early years. This book does a wonderful job at explaining the importance of forming a healthy bond and connection with a child.

No-Drama Discipline

no drama discipline book

I’d recommend No Drama Discipline to any parent. The insights and tips we learned from this book have been immensely valuable. The book helps you understand how to redirect and train children to behave properly. We found this especially helpful since we’ve fostered older children. For more insights, read our post about leading by example.

Wounded Children Healing Homes

wounded children healing homes

In some ways, Wounded Children, Healing Homes felt like it was trying to talk us out of foster care or adoption. It certainly doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges you’ll face. I think this book would be a particularly important read if you have biological children in your home, or if you have family members that aren’t totally on board with foster care and adoption. It can help you prepare for some of the challenging dynamics of family relationships that are created when you’re parenting children who have a history of trauma.

Keep the Doors Open

keep the doors open

Keep the Doors Open, written by Kristin Berry, is an open and honest look at her life as a foster mom. It’s a quick read (although not an easy read) and I found myself laughing, crying, and nodding my head as I read through her foster parenting journey. This book helped prepare me for the uncertainty and challenges that parents face in the foster care system.

Rage Against the Minivan

rage against the minivan

I’ve been following Kristen Howerton on Instagram for a while so I was thrilled when she released her book, Rage Against the Minivan. Kristen’s down-to-earth approach to foster care, adoption, and motherhood is a breath of fresh air. Parenting can be filled with pressure and expectations and this book was a good reminder that it’s ok to be an imperfect parent.

If you’re thinking about fostering or adoption, I’d encourage you to read all of these books! If a loved one or family member is considering foster care or adoption, these books could give you a good glimpse into what life might be like for them.

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